Saturday 26 June 11:30 - 13:30

Create Place
29 Old Ford Road
E2 9PJ

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Photo Social

Community & Culture

Photo Social is a non-competitive photography group which meets every last Saturday at Create Place or out and about at 11-1 pm.

Photo Social Launch

This is the first Photo Social session. So, I am looking forward to meeting you all!

The session will cover the following things:

β€’ Introductions

β€’ Information on what the group is about

β€’ Ground rules (agreed by everyone)

β€’ Finding out what type of things you would like to learn and do?

β€’ Come prepared to talk about your practice and your work

(bring some of your photos/work with you)

β€’ Getting to know you with refreshments provided


The minimum age of Photo Social is 18 years of age.

Everyone will need to adhere to St Margaret's Settlements policy on Covid-19 safety.

It is important for everyone that joins the group to be respectful of each other regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs etc.


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