Wednesday 7 December 18:00 - 22:00

'30 Euston Square'
30 Euston Square

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Pocket Gamer Xmas Mixer 2022

Film, Media & Entertainment

To celebrate the impending holiday season and to mark another year of industry success, we're gathering for drinks and knowledge-sharing

To celebrate the impending holiday season and to mark another year of games industry success, we're gathering at the prestigious 30 Euston Square venue this December for a night of connecting and knowledge-sharing.

Thanks to the support of our sponsor ZEBEDEE, we're bringing together games companies, brands, and creators for an evening of insightful discussion, relaxed networking and drinks in central London.

Yο»Ώour provisional festive itinerary

1ο»Ώ8:00 Gather for drinks and networking

1ο»Ώ9:15 Informative talks and panel

2ο»Ώ0:30 CanapΓ©s and drinks

2ο»Ώ2:00 Carriages (Tube)

We'll be in fine, festive mood and encourage you to join us for a lively industry discussion, show off your seasonal jumper, and stay for the entertaining company and drinks.

Because connections are for life, not just for Xmas.

Your hosts for the evening...

This mixer is hosted by the Steel Media team, who have many years of experience covering and connecting the games industry with leading media like and, events such as the PG Connects conference series, Big Indie Pitches, and numerous parties.

Our latest sites are and, covering all aspects of the metaverse, web3, transmedia, NFT gaming, and the future business of entertainment.

If you'd like to discuss sponsorship, please contact Chris James at [email protected]

Brought to you by our partners...

ZEBEDEE powers real economies in virtual worlds. With ZEBEDEE, gaming becomes a meaningful economic activity, and game devs get a new playground for weaving money into the worlds they create. The economies of the future will be a perfectly connected system of real-world and virtual-world activity. Virtual activity will represent the majority of this metaverse economy, and games are where the revolution starts. ZEBEDEE is creating the tools and products that make it possible. Find out more at

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