Wednesday 28 September 18:00 - 21:00

Paul Hastings (Europe) LLP
100 Bishopsgate


Power Series: Law special


The Law Power series is a panel event, designed to inspire young people to take up a career within the law.

Generation Success and Paul Hastings are joining forces to create an epic panel discussions for future law practitioners in London, and you're invited.

Get to know the reality of practicing law alongside some of the greatest in the industry. through our Power Series Panel Discussion, led by Paul Hasting's own diverse employees who have made it in the law industry.

This panel will allow you to listen in on the back-and-forth of the professionals who have already done it, ask questions that your professors simply can't answer, and spend some time in Paul Hastings's London office, getting to know the ground.

Paul Hastings LLP is a world-renowned law firm dedicated to the #MoveToEquality. They have been working alongside Generation Success to build up a new generation of diverse talent in the labour force, and have been dedicating their time and resources to making that a reality. Paul Hastings specializes in white collar and government disputes, energy, infrastructure, and intellectual property. Paul Hastings has been ranked on The American Lawyerโ€™s A-List for eleven consecutive years, and has a tradition spanning across 70 years.

Generation Success is an award-winning social enterprise focused on making sure that your professional success isn't determined by your birth. We partner with top ranked companies across the UK and Scotland to connect their professionals to young talent of diverse or underprivileged backgrounds, bridging the gap between these two groups. We do this by organising educational events, mentoring, and recruitment across all levels in industry. Become a Success Seeker by visiting and get our latest educational and work opportunities sent directly to your inbox.


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