Tuesday 5 December 18:00 - 19:30

6th Floor
15 Whitehall

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Powering the Superpower - Building modern Industrial Infrastructure

Business & Professional

Join Demos as we launch a new report on how the UK can become a technological superpower.

The UK Government has an ambition to be a technology superpower by 2030. To do this we need to support frontier economy sectors, as well as bring new technologies into existing sectors, such as logistics whilst create the industrial infrastructure that enables the economy to thrive.

This report looks at the technological sectors that have been identified by the government and experts as holding significant potential for the UK economy (e.g. digital, advanced manufacturing, life sciences etc.) as well as those with a large footprint in the UK economy (e.g. logistics) where new technology can have a large positive impact. It will look at the industrial infrastructure - the physical and digital - that is required to enable these sectors to thrive and develop.

We will be joined by Justin Madders MP, Shadow Minister for Business.

This event will be hybrid and a livestream link will be sent closer to time.

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