Wednesday 9 October 17:30 - 20:30

Manor Arms
13 Mitcham Lane
SW16 6LQ

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Preparing your business for Brexit by Streatham BID

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InStreatham are asking local businesses to attend this Brexit preparedness workshop to equip them with the right tools going forward

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – we’re all familiar with this popular adage but not many implement it. With current uncertainty about the terms of the country’s exit from the EU, it is evermore important to plan ahead in securing a future for your business.

We’ve therefore organised this informative event to prepare your business for Brexit.

Whether it is Deal or No Deal, businesses across the UK must now get ready for 31 October 2019. Some businesses may have already seen some impact following the referendum in 2016, i.e. a negative impact on their supply chain or an inability to retain staff.

  • Advice on priority government business messaging
  • Best destinations to get info online
  • Key No-Deal prep activity for SMEs to do now

Order of the evening:

5.30pm: Welcome drinks and introductions

6.00 to 6.30: Brexit preparedness presentation for SMEs & Q&A by Sietske De Groot (Tradepeers)

6.30 to 7.30: Networking and 1-2-1 Brexit advice sessions (Brexit help)


TradePeers Ltd is a consultancy that specialises in helping organisations prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU. They identify and analyse political and regulatory developments that could impact the activities with EU or UK partners, and what the change from one legal order to another could mean for them. For example, the extent to which rules could stay the same (or not) for businesses in the poultry meat sector. TradePeers explains the nitty-gritty of the talks between the EU and the UK in plain English so organisations can optimise their planning.

Sietske de Groot, Director

Sietske is a well-known and recognised EU expert. Before setting up her own consultancy TradePeers Ltd, she represented the Federation of Small Businesses at EU level. She lobbied on the General Data Protection Regulation, Food labelling rules, Geoblocking rules, and VAT on e- services and online sales.


BID members will also find some useful information on updated VAT rules for UK businesses trading with EU countries and guidance regarding preparing food and drink businesses for a no-deal Brexit here.


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