Wednesday 1 May 16:00 - 20:00

The Kings Fund, 11 Cavendish Square
11 Chandos Street

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The CEO personality

Business & Professional

CEO-focused interactive session followed by networking drinks hosted by GatenbySanderson.

Which behaviours mark the most successful leaders in public life and what are the derailers that surface when leaders are under pressure?

Join us for this CEO-focused interactive session, where we assess leadership styles and behaviours that are most likely to steer organisations successfully through choppier waters ahead.

Operating under intense public scrutiny and within the most complex environments we'll consider where leaders are likely to succeed, and equally, where they might fail.

Using behavioural data collected from x000’s of leaders across public life, we will compare the psychometric profiles of CEOs, using our unique benchmarking model Altitude, to determine:

  • What marks a CEO from other Directors?
  • What are the differences between those who are appointed and those unsuccessful in the appointment process?
  • How far, if at all, do women public sector CEOs differ from men in their leadership style?
  • What are the darker sides of CEOs and how might these behaviours manifest under pressure?

During the session, we will run an interactive workshop followed by a panel discussion. This will be followed by networking drinks in the Orangery.

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