Tuesday 17 September 18:30 - 20:30

Free Space Project
2 Bartholomew Road

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Private View: Every Body is an Archive


Join us at the launch of Liz Orton's exhibition Every Body is an Archive, a project exploring the bounds of medical imaging.

Liz Ortonโ€™s project Every Body is an Archive explores the bounds of medical imaging data, entangling the biological, digital and social body. In mis/using the viewing software used by radiologists, Ortonโ€™s work makes visible the spaces and limits of medical data reconstruction.

CT scans use hundreds of computer-processed x-ray measurements taken from different angles to produce cross-section images of specific areas of the body. This allows the radiologists to see inside the person without cutting. By accessing patientsโ€™ CT scan data (with permission), Liz Orton experiments with software, searching for and making visible the human elements of medical data. The result is a combination of software outputs that explore the liminal space between data and the human body, alongside performative re-enactments with patients based on memories and images of medical experiences.

This project has received support from the Wellcome Trust, University College London and University Arts London.


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