Thursday 12 September 18:00 - 20:30

The Koppel Project Central
49 Poland Street


Private View: Notes on Painting II

Performing & Visual Arts

Private view of Notes on Painting II, an exhibition focused on an in depth and wider ranging exploration of contemporary painting.

β€œWhen the image does not bear resemblance to anything, it excites our thought into conceiving.β€œ

~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty

The Koppel Project Central is pleased to present the second edition of Notes on Painting, part of an on going artist-led project run by Amelia Bowles and Antoine Langenieux-Villard. At the heart of the project lies the desire to undertake a study of the object of painting, looking specifically at the structure and temporality of the surface from which forms emerge.

Living in a society saturated with images, running on hyper-communication and over consumption, it is easy to become dependant on immediacy. Because painting is able to store information that cannot be discovered immediately; it is a vital tool for slowing our gaze; confronting our preconceptions; and surprising our expectations. Examining the material elements that constitute the works reveals how the interplay between the surface and the viewer expands initial perceptions.

Join us for the PV of this absorbing and rigorous show, which promises to be both thought provoking and visually stimulating.


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