Thursday 17 October 17:30 - 20:00

WeWork 1 St Katharine's Way
1 Saint Katharine's Way

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Prototype and test new ideas in 5 days using Google Design Sprints

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Google Design Sprints are a thorough approach to testing & prototyping ideas with minimal investment. Come learn the do's and dont's !

elab by CIEE and Innovify Ventures are sponsoring an event at WeWork Tower Hill to help first time entrepreneurs test their ideas by using the Google Design Sprint methodology.

Design Sprints allow people to test human focused solution quickly and effectively.

In the session, Nasreen Dhanji, the Founder of Blue Sky Innovations and the Head of Innovation at Save the Children will be running attendees through a crash course on how to run your own Google Design Sprint. If you are a first time entrepreneur and are keen to employ a strategy to test out an idea you have, or are keen to help your team build their innovation and problem solving skills this is the right workshop for you.

The workshop will cover:

1. Problem identification

2. Finding focus on a customer journey

3. Ideating

4. Lightning demo’s

5. Prototyping and testing techniques


1. 5.30pm-6pm - Registration and Networking

2. 6pm - 7pm - Google Design Sprints with Nasreen

3. 7pm-8pm - Drinks and Networking


eLab is a pre-accelerator bootcamp that supports early stage entrepreneurs to prove concept and build a pitch deck.

eLab is a part of the CIEE family. CIEE is a nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization that transforms lives and builds bridges between individuals and nations by sponsoring a wide variety of opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences. CIEE helps people develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, and contributes to a more peaceful global community by humanising international relations.


Innovify Ventures represents a subsidiary of Innovify - one of London’s most innovative Digital Product Development Companies.

Innovify Ventures is an early stage digital start-up studio with an enviable track record of launching many high growth start-ups. We help ambitious founders validate their ideas and develop MVPs to find product-market fit. Innovify Ventures brings wide and deep tech expertise to build highly scalable infrastructures and automated workflows with minimal overheads. We further coach the founders to establish profitable business models and accelerate them to series A investment in a fast and cost-effective manner. We are continuously nurturing our network of partners to save time for start-up founders by facilitating the right support to accelerate growth.


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