Thursday 15 April 17:30 - 18:00

The Old Bank Vault
283 Hackney Road
E2 8NA



Performing & Visual Arts

To celebrate the reopening of The Old Bank Vault, we're bringing to you 'Pyschomachia', an exciting new show from Alban Laurent.

We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming you all back to the gallery after what feels like a lifetime! What better way to kick things off than with an outstanding solo-exhibition from our exciting new artist, Alban Laurent!

About Psychomachia

Taking it's name from a fifth-century poem exploring the conflict of vices and virtues in the battle of the soul, Alban Laurent brings us 'Psychomachia'. Visually exploring the complexity of human emotions, Alban's work captures the imagination through his delicate attention to detail using black Chinese ink.

About Alban Laurent

Ban is a French artist, art director and illustrator who mainly works in monochrome using Chinese ink, pigment liner pen and acrylics.

His work explores the complexity of the human experience, capturing the very essence of our emotions. With an obsession for detail, visual manipulation and structural design, Ban reinterprets the notion of time and space in his authentic pieces, creating stirring ecosystems.

Ban is inspired by the living micro details found in botanical nature and human anatomy, intrigued by their overlap and appreciating their intimate relationship.

Each piece is made on instinct, a direct translation of the theme and its emotion, as chosen by in the artistโ€™s vision. Through his fine art you will be captivated by the intricacy of the multiple layers co-existence, seamlessly connected in perfect harmony.


To make sure we're sticking to standards, we kindly ask that you wear masks alongside booking a 30 minute time-slot for the evening.

Make sure you wear your best frocks to celebrate our warm welcome back to the gallery!


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