Thursday 14 November 18:00 - 21:30

Bluebird Chelsea
350 King's Road

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Recruitment Leaders Dinner: Upskilling & Retaining Valuable Tech Employees

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Recruitment Leaders Dinner: Upskilling & Retaining Valuable Tech Emplyees

14th November 2019, 18.00 – 21.30pm

Host: In-house Recruitment
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Join us for an exclusive dinner at the sumptuous Bluebird Chelsea and be part of the executive level, strategic conversations that will take place for 12 In-house Recruitment Leaders across a range of industries and companies. At a time where sourcing, attracting and hiring tech talent is only increasing, we’ll be discussing the importance of hiring the right persons and ways to ensure the retention of this top talent that so many companies are fighting for.

We will be looking to discuss how new and innovative methodologies & technologies are acting as an enabler to hire top talent. We will then open up the discussion to all of our guests to share their hiring experiences and find solutions in an open forum.

What’s being discussed:

  • How will Brexit Impact Strategy

  • Create an engaging workplace using soft culture

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion

  • ... and much more!

Who Will Be Attending?

In-house Recruitment Leaders from a wide spectrum of companies, all with ongoing hiring needs, to exchange strategic insights and best practices in an intimate and engaging environment.

Register your interest!

Whilst this exclusive dinner is by invite only, please feel free to register your interest and we’ll do all we can to accommodate an invite.

Event partner:

On Indorse, renowned industry experts are ready to assess your tech candidates and help you save time in your hiring process. Using cutting-edge technology, indorse provides you with reliable & actionable insights about candidates’ programming skills and proficiency level. Instead of spending several man-hours & dollars sieving through a barrage of resumes, just use the Indorse platform and directly interview those who meet your standards!

Please note, this event is strictly reserved for:
* senior level Talent and Recruitment Managers with leadership experience including budget and people responsibilities only
* one person per company
* recruitment agencies or job boards (other than partners) are not able to attend this event

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