Wednesday 13 November 19:00 - 22:30

Saint Pauls Institute
302 The Highway

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Screening Indie Short Films

Film, Media & Entertainment

Screening indie short films submitted by filmmakers. Come down and enjoy some great films with beverages & snacks!

Welcome to Cinebooth's Screening Short Films Night!

Yes! That's right... Cinebooth is running another screening event of indie short films you've submitted, to be projected on to a big screen for the whole audience to sit back and enjoy!

But this event is more than just that. We’ll allow you to talk to the audience if you wish about it we’ll have a fun questionnaire sheet to help with constructive feedback, a chance to network in between and after the films plus so much more...

Best of all the entire thing is FREE. So what's the catch ? We simply encourage you to bring friends and family to not only support you but everyone else showing their talent on the night.



It's as simple as sending a short film to [email protected] and done! We appreciate it if possible to attached a poster of the film, trailer and synopsis. All this is very valuable for us to promote your film on social media



I'm sure you've seen there are a few people around with a similar concept but we provide a warm welcome to make you feel at home and we give the same treatment to your short. The films we show on the night will be available on our website for people to watch on their phone on the way to work, airports, bus, riding a camel... Not only this but we will make sure that via our newly ever growing social media to publicise your short!

We understand that no one likes bad feedback about their work but we also understand that lack of feedback will help no one to progress and we want you to get better and better so...



Our film ranking will be done by handing out sheets to all the viewers with a simple questionnaire based on that film. This will help us over the course of time to know which are the most popular/liked films we've shown and you'll instantly be entered into a reward for the Cinebooth film competition.



The more people that join our event, the bigger the reward can be. No longer will you have to worry about mean judges not liking your content or simply large companies not even watching your films and sending you an automated message saying you didn't pass. We are making this like a better version of X-Factor and the audience gets to vote, so by all means bring a friend, bring two or bring the whole family!

After seeing these films we want to end the night with the opportunity to network. So we'll grab a few of you through the night and interview you for our news feed and find ways we can help get more eyes on your work and, as I was saying, the more people that join, the prize could be as great as financing your next film!

All this in the usual Cinebooth fashion, meaning: cocktails and music! And of course the cocktails are happy hour!

See you there!



Wednesday 13th November

Start time 7.00pm -10.30pm

Cocktails, Beers & Mocktails

Shadwell station ( 1 stop from Bank or Whitechapel)


Harry Woodford, Dennis Kosmos & Bruno Machado

Email: [email protected]

Facebook & Instagram:


Location & Venue

The venue is located just 5mins walk from Shadwell station. Where is that you may ask...

  • 1 stop from Bank on the DLR
  • OR
  • 1 stop from Whitechapel on the Overground

And you may wonder, what kind of venue do they run these events in. Well fortunately for us we have the choice of several different rooms at this location all with a completely different look and feel, but best of all we have our own bar and snack !

To help you visualise this we've added some pictures:


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