Thursday 29 September 17:15 - 19:45

Kreston Reeves
168 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6RA

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Seed funding was only the start – Next steps to help you grow

Business & Professional

Congratulations on securing seed funding! Join us to find out what you should be considering next and how to attract future funding.

Top tips for scaling up: The practical considerations

Michael O’Brien, Partner, Kreston Reeves

Michael works with entrepreneurs scaling up and large businesses who have been through the process. He will explain the potential pitfalls and priorities to help your business growth run smoothly, and cope with any bumps in the road. This session covers strategic, operational, and business planning considerations.

Maximise your attractiveness to investors

Jack Clipsham, Head of Corporate Finance, Kreston Reeves

Jack will guide you through the preparation you need to undertake to secure Series A funding. He knows what investors are looking for and how you can make your business more attractive to them. This session will help you understand how to appeal to their priorities and boost your chances of moving to the next round of funding.

Get your business investment ready: The legal issues

Andrew Solomon, Legal Counsel, Kingsley Napley

Andrew will consider some of the key legal issues you need to be aware of in order to prepare for a funding round. He will help you to stand in the shoes of a prospective investor who will carry out legal due diligence on your business, so you can identify material issues ahead of the funding round and take steps to remedy them.


Registration 5.15pm, Seminar with Q&A: 5.45pm , Drinks and canapés: 7pm


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