Wednesday 30 October 17:30 - 20:00

Imperial College London
Exhibition Road

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SGI Annual Lecture: Practical Action for a lower carbon footprint

Science & Technology

This year's SGI Annual Lecture will be given by CEO of Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments, Dr Pratima Rangarajan.

Practical Action for a lower carbon footprint

Addressing the dual challenge of meeting rising global energy demand while lowering greenhouse gas emissions calls for practical action now. Dr Pratima Rangarajan is the CEO of OGCI Climate Investments, the $1 billion + fund set up by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, a consortium of the world’s largest oil and gas companies representing 32% of global oil and natural gas production.

OGCI Climate Investments aims to drive investment in projects and technologies focused on the energy and industrial sectors. Dr Rangarajan will discuss how innovators and investors can deploy solutions to lower the carbon footprint of products and services the world relies on and bring us closer to our climate goals.


Pratima is a global executive who combines passion for sustainability with profitable business growth. As CEO of OGCI Climate Investments she is driving the development and deployment of technologies that have the potential to reduce carbon emissions on a significant scale, through carefully focused joint investment and multiplying impact by working with others. Jointly funded by OGCI member companies, OGCI Climate Investments focuses on carbon capture, use and storage; methane detection and management; improving industrial energy efficiency and improving transport efficiency.


17.30 – 18.00 – Registration and coffee

18.00 – 19.00– Annual lecture

19.00- 20.00 – Drinks reception


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