Tuesday 6 December 19:00 - 21:00

Huckletree Shoreditch
18 Finsbury Square

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#ShopifyMeetup: Building a resilient brand for a changing market


Shopify Meetups are back! And boy, do we have a kicker comeback event for you...

After launching online in 2019, Nudea is now disrupting the bra and underwear shopping experience from virtual fittings to try-ons. Creating supportive and functional underwear that looks great, feels amazing and is kind to the planet.

Learn how to build and grow an ethical, sustainable business that works for you and the planet. You'll hear about Nudea's journey from start-up to scale and learn how they've positively impacted women and bra wearers.

Plus, we've gathered a panel of experts from Klaviyo, We Make Websites, Shopify Plus, and Nudea to share their top tips for how to grow a successful e-commerce brand in today's landscape.

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