Tuesday 26 November 18:00 - 22:00

The Space
Finsbury Avenue

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Starling Bank Londroid

Science & Technology

This chilly November, Londroid visits the Starling Bank Engineering team to talk about money, security and keeping business secrets safe.

🎟Tickets: To attend you will need an Eventbrite ticket to gain entrance to this free event. The tickets open for registration on the 18 November at 10 am. There are limited tickets, please be respectful of your fellow community members and show up if you have a ticket or cancel it if you cannot make it.

🙂Be kind to each other: Londroid events are dedicated to providing inclusive & safe experiences for everyone. Before attending please read our code of conduct.

📝Evening schedule 📝

6:15 Registration, food and drinks

7:10 Welcome and introductions

7:15 Talk one

7:55 Q&A

8:05 Break

8:10 Talk two

8:40 Q&A

8:50 Socialising and networking

10:00 Event close


🗣Talk one: Fantastic Fragments and How to Test Them: The Rise of the Constructor.

Let’s dive into the latest changes and additions in the AndroidX libraries regarding Android Fragments, tools for testing them in an isolated way and other useful things like Navigation. All glued by our beloved Kotlin, of course!

Speaker: Alex Facciorusso

Currently working as Senior Android Developer at Karmarama (Accenture Interactive), Alex started programming very soon. From Basic (the Commodore 64 one) to Kotlin, he always loves to learn about new languages, libraries, platforms, paradigms etc. He never misses a chance to spread the Kotlin word.



🗣Talk two: Mobile App Security at Starling Bank

As an Android developer how do you protect your app from modification and keep business secrets safe? In this talk, I’ll be sharing some experience on mobile app security; ranging from stored data encryption to certificate pinning, integrity checks, root detection, debugger detection… as well as some of the commercially available solutions or how to build in-house ones.

Speaker: Vasiliy Siminov

Had a passion for software development for the past 17 years, 13 years of which have shaped my career. 7 years of Android experience and 3 years building Starling Bank’s award-winning Android app. Experienced within a range of different languages and technologies.


💛🤑About our sponsors at Starling Bank

Starling engineers love building things, creating new stuff, learning new technologies and working with others across all areas of the business to bring brilliant products and features to life. Don’t just take our word for it: we’ve been voted Best British Bank for two years running.

We focus on achieving specific outcomes and teams are empowered to do what’s necessary to deliver them. In their jobs everyone gets the chance to determine priorities and own interesting things from day one - this is what makes us different.

When it comes to hiring, we focus on aptitude and attitude rather than specific experience or qualifications. We encourage our people to try new things and experiment, creating a culture of innovation which differentiates us from others. The work we do here is shaping the future.

@StarlingBank / #FeelGoodAboutMoney


🤝Get involved

We are always looking for collaboration in many forms. Join the Londroid team and get involved by speaking, hosting, volunteering or MC-ing. Reach out and start the conversations with us.

Tweet us @londroid

Email us @ [email protected]

📹Watch the previous talks @ http://bit.ly/2BNsUNX

Thank you to the team at Starling Bank for bringing us together!

See you there.


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