Thursday 8 December 18:30 - 20:30

TBC - Central London
Charing Cross (not really

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STARTING PIXEL - Virtual Production Community Group

Film, Media & Entertainment

Join the Virtual Production User Group with likeminded and enthusiastic people

Starting Pixel

A Virtual Production Community Group

'Starting Pixel' is a unique user group, bring together VP practitioners of all levels, roles, tech knowledge, backgrounds and experience.

It will be a mix of on-line and in-person events, with the in-person groups being at least a few times a year, around other industry events, so not just in one city, country or even continent.

If you're able to join us for some beer, pizza and passion, we would love to see you.

The founders are long-time practitioners (well 2 or 3 years, which is as much as most) of VP, who will walk through some examples of their innovation, and share key learnings, to enable the community to accelerate their productions.

However, this group isn't about them or the tech, it's about the community, it's about you. The community will only thrive by being involved so if you've got something to say, you will be prioritised!

We use a 'Jam' format, where each speaker has between 3-5 mins (ten mins if there aren't too many speakers) to talk about a real use case or cases.

So, NOT hypothesis, or tech features & benefits, just 'This is what we did and this is how we did it'.


19:00 - Doors Open

19:30 - Presentations - so far:

  • Creating the perfect Virtual Studio and other myths
  • VP Deep Dive

20:15 - Q&A

20:30 - Networking

21:00 - To the pub!

Call for speakers


  • Demo what you've done - this isn't about theory or what's possible if... but what you've actually done
  • No selling or plugging, your org, services or products (you will get booed off)
  • Strict 3-5 mins (unless there aren't many)
  • No Q&A - An opportunity to answer questions in a panel after all the demos
  • Cο»Ώall for speakers HERE


  • Be open, be inquisitive, be inspired
  • Don't use the word 'BUT' - no one is right, as we are all changing the wheels of this car while its moving
  • Contribute if you can!
  • Boo off anyone who starts to sell you anything or plug anything :-)
  • Join the LinkedIn Group HERE


Just be cool!

Wο»Ώe are looking for our next sponsor - for space in London and some beer/pizza


'Starting Pixel' is tech agnostic and its whole reason for being is to share, inspire and discuss this disruptive and very exciting technology which is set support the future of all content production.

Founded by Peter Stoel, Rob Chandler, Jeffrey Burns and Kevin Cloony

(all searchable if you want to know more about them, what they do and who they do it for)

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