Thursday 28 October 18:30 - 20:30

2A Charing Cross Road


Startup Horror Stories

Science & Technology

Startup Horror Stories

With dragons and unicorns and growth hackers galore

All lurking around a startups' front door

You want to approach them, but you better beware

Will they add value, or will you get a scare?

Will they bear treats of finance and feedback

Or will it seem like a trick and feel like drawback?

They seem interested and responsive showing they're happy to play

But will they turn their back, and say 'another day'?

5 startups will join us so brave and so candid

Telling woes of product market fit and how their pitch landed

Team turmoil, revenue resistance, and all in-between

Then what they learned, how they avoided what could have been

You won't want to miss it, come join in the fun!

You'll meet loads of people, plus we've got treats for everyone

It might be Halloween, but we promise it won't be gory

Just 6 honest founders telling their Startup Horror Story


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