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Part experiment, part lecture, part suite of new music, 'Subatomic' holds a curious musical lens over a hidden yet vital part of our world.

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies…” - Alan Watts

Born out of King's College London and Britten Pears Arts artist residencies, composer Christo Squier and experimental particle physicist Dr. Teppei Katori are joined by a host of instrumentalists to explore the fascinating world of cosmic rays via composition, sonification, projection and performance.

Cosmic rays are produced deep in the universe.

Millions shower Earth every second, in a random way currently beyond human comprehension.

Subatomic particles are passing through you at this very moment…blasted from supernovae and other astrophysical phenomena far beyond our galaxy.

This has happened throughout the history of the solar system.

By learning about them, we can learn about our origins.

Some pieces are built using pre-recorded scientific data as inspiration.

Others embrace entropy and improvisation by using cosmic ray detectors in the venue or a feed from Super-Kamiokande observatory in Japan.

In these instances, live data will be manipulated in real-time to influence certain sonic outputs.

Part experiment, part lecture, part suite of new music, Subatomic holds a curious musical lens over a hidden yet vital part of our world.

A duet, of sorts, between musicians and the cosmos.

About Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London is a place to grow new ideas across art, science and health. It is King’s College London’s flagship public space that brings together academics, researchers, students, and local communities. We present exhibitions, events, performances, live experiments, open discussions and festivals. Following a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our doors are now open and once again you can explore our exhibitions and events for free.

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About the Collaborators

Teppei Katori is an experimental particle physicist and a reader at the Department of Physics at King’s. His research includes study of elementary particles called neutrinos, and he uses data from large neutrino detectors all over the world to study properties of neutrinos

Christo Squier is a multi-disciplinary artist, composer, performer and creative producer. He is artistic director of multi-award winning ensemble Perhaps Contraption. While artists-in-residence at Snape Maltings (2017-19) they created a theatrical experience based on astronomy. Christo has also worked with groundbreaking companies including Les Enfants Terribles, Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema. 

Chris Ball: Creative Technologist

Facilitating the use of technology within the arts, Chris has completed projects with both local and international artists requiring skills in electronics, programming, interaction, design and fabrication.

Recently, he has completed larger scale projects for MIF and the Imperial War Museum North.

The 'Subatomic' performance takes alongside Science Gallery London's free exhibition Testing Ground which features an installation by the collaborators. 'Particle Shrine' is an installation where light and sound is created from live data via five cosmic ray detectors. Alongside the work, you can watch a video interview with the artist and collaborators to learn more about them and the work they do.

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