Sunday 20 October 12:00 - 14:00

Deptford Does Art Gallery
28 Deptford High Street
SE8 4 AF

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Talk + Demo In-Situ | Drawing on the Foreshore | Andrew Hinton

Performing & Visual Arts

Time on the foreshore to sketch or beachcomb with artist Andrew Hinton and then back to the gallery to see his current exhibition.

Talk + demo in-situ: Time on the foreshore with the artist on Saturday 19th October at 11.30 and Sunday 20th at 12.00. Free.

Meet on the steps right at the end of Watergate Street SE8 (walk towards the Thames between the white studio building on your right and the tall wall on your left, a minute walk and you’ll see the steps down).

Details: Time on the foreshore to sketch or beachcomb and then back to the gallery to see the artist’s current exhibition ‘Drawing on the Foreshore’.

The state of the foreshore between tides is unpredictable so wear old clothes and sturdy footwear. There may be nowhere dry to sit. Bring a sketchbook and your favourite materials if you’d like to draw and a bag for anything you might find thrown up by the tide. Andrew will bring his old sketchbooks as well as the ones he’s currently working in.

When the tide starts coming in again we’ll leave the foreshore and head back to Deptford Does Art to see the exhibition.


Deptford does Art presents Andrew Hinton’s ‘Drawing on the Foreshore’, an exhibition of work inspired by and using material from the Thames foreshore.

Show: 17-20 October 2019

Launch night: Friday 18th 7-10pm

Andrew Hinton describes his process as one of collecting and questioning; gathering objects to make marks and things to make marks on. He collects objects, art materials and ideas to create a palate of possibilities.

In the last few years much of his work has been around a short stretch of the Thames foreshore at Convoys Wharf in Deptford.

The start of a new group of work will usually begin with a drawing that covers a wall in the studio. In this case a ‘long drawing’ that used silt chalk coal and wire. It acts as on opportunity to develop ideas that started life in concertina sketchbooks and begin to get a feel for the possibilities of the materials.

From this has emerged a strong collection of drawings using materials collected on the beach at low tide. They range in scale from the initial long drawing to postcards. The drawings communicate both a joy in the handling of materials as well as a sense of the place they were collected.

The definition of what is a drawing is challenged. There are images drawn whilst on the foreshore, drawings made using swan feathers and iron oxide and drawings made using the debris from the foreshore as stencils and templates.

The drawings are variously named for the site or the state of the tide. Some contain abstracted imagery that recalls the ‘dancers’ he draws at each visit with his boots directly into the silt on an old slipway. These drawings disappear as the tide rises and others include the remnants of past occupations that litter the foreshore.

The inclusion of collected fragments such as the clay pipe fragments add a sense of the industrial history of the place and the pebbles of geological time.

Instagram : @andrewse8


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