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4 Leonard Circus

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The Den by Jerome Favre

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Join us for the launch of The Den by Jerome Favre

Super Wedge Press is proud to present The Den, the latest instalment of itโ€™s ongoing street photography series.

Part of Jerome Favreโ€™s project No One Likes Us, The Den provides a window into the world of Millwall FC. Itโ€™s a fresh look at Millwall supporters that re-evaluates their reputation in contemporary football culture.ย 

โ€œFootball clubs and communities have always gone hand in hand. In fact, football clubs in this country were usually set up by factories or churches to encourage a sense of community, or belonging. Millwall was founded by the workers of JT Mortonโ€™s canning and preserve factory, in the Isle of Dogs.ย 

I wanted to create a series inside the world of Millwall FC. I was fascinated by the fact that Millwall was, and still is, a working-class club and a tight-knit community, which is a rare thing in football today. Millwall also has a terrible reputation - I was curious to cast an honest look at this football community.โ€

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