Monday 30 May 18:30 - 20:30

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The Future is AI: Industry 4.0

Business & Professional

Ever wished to combine Public Speaking skills with a tech workshop Now is your chance to attend such an event with the Data Science Speakers

We are a friendly and creative public speaking club that combines our love of data with practising public speaking.

Have you ever wanted to get better at public speaking? Here is your perfect opportunity, welcome to the Data Science Speakers club latest tech HYBRID workshop!

HYBRID Workshop Theme: The Future is AI: Industry 4.0

Attendance Type: Online via Zoom and in-person

Workshop 1:

Are we Ready to Open a Door to a Very Human Future in a Digitised World?

Workshop Speaker: Steve Wells (Guest speaker)

Our world is on track to become ever more digitised, ever more automated, and ever less human. But is that really humanity’s fate? Yes our world can be characterised by exponential technology development but with a change mindset, extraordinary leadership, enabled by operating on three time horizons in parallel perhaps we can open the door to a very human future in a digitised world.

In this speech, futurist Steve Wells will; explore the technological backdrop that is underpinning radical change across life, society, and business; share his thoughts on the leadership challenge that results from rapid and radical technology-enabled change, and layout 10 themes that could open the door to a very human future in a digitised world.

Steve Wells is a futurist, speaker, facilitator, and founder of Informing Choices Ltd an insights business specialising in futures and foresight. His work is designed to help individuals and organisations make informed choices about the emerging future by exploring drivers of future change, trends, and plausible future scenarios. He is also co-editor of and contributing writer to six books about the emerging future including A Very Human Future – Enriching Humanity in a Digitised World.

Workshop 2: Fairness and Biases in ML and AI

Workshop Speaker: Eduardo Contreras Cortes (Founding member of the Data Science Speakers Club)

In his workshop, financial modelling manager Eduardo will start by defining what fairness means in the context of ML and AI algorithms. Then, he will cover some of the most common definitions of fairness and the way to quantify these definitions. The last part of the workshop will cover ways to attack the discrimination of ML and AI models with an interactive example.

Join the Data Science Speakers for our latest tech workshop as part of our OPEN HOUSE event!

The Data Science Speakers Club is a Toastmasters International club enabling the current and next generation of Data Scientists to improve their Public Speaking Skills.

As with many other clubs, we are now running HYBRID MEETINGS.

Come join us online via ZOOM or IN PERSON!

Refreshments are always offered to in-person attendance.

The Data Science Speakers can quickly help you build your confidence and improve your skills! This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to take part in an impromptu speaking session called Table Topics after the workshops.

Tentative Schedule:

18:15 - Networking

18:30 - Start of Meeting

18:47 - Workshop 1 - Are we Ready to Open a door to a Very Human Future in A Digitised World! by Steve Wells (Guest Speaker)

19:35 - Workshop 2 - Fairness and Biases in ML and AI. by Eduardo Contreras Cortes (Founding member of the Data Science Speakers Club)

19:50 - BREAK

20:00 - Workshop restarts

20:02 - Table Topics Questions (Guests are welcome to participate in this section)

20:30 - Workshops End (Awards given to best Table Topics, award include ribbons and a copy of Steve Wells book)

Note all events require attendees to register with the full firstname and lastname for zoom and to get access to Quantum Black offices.

Want to know more about the Data Science Speakers Club?

The best way to find out more about us is to come along to one of our meetings, we meet every 1st, 3rd, (and sometimes 5th) Mondays, every month via hybrid meetings.

To attend one of our regular meeting, please register via meetup:

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