Wednesday 4 March 19:00 - 21:00

Chapter Hall
St John's Gate
St John's Lane


The Johanniter Orde of The Netherlands: its history and activities

Charity & Causes

A talk on the history of the Johanniter Orde of The Netherlands and their work today, in the Chapter Hall at St John's Gate.

The Johanniter Orde of The Netherlands was established in 1909 as a Bailliwick of the German Johanniter Orden. In 1946 it became independent of the German Order and, since then, has established and undertaken numerous healthcare programmes in The Netherlands.

Professor Jonkheer Juriy Wladimiroff and Carel van Randwyck, both members of the Johanniter Orde, will provide an overview of both the Order’s development over the last 110 years and its various activities today.

There will be an opportunity for questions at the formal conclusion of the presentation.

Our Speakers

Professor Jonkheer Juriy Wladimiroff is a Rechts Ridder (Knight of Justice) of the Johanniter Orde in The Netherlands since 1994, a former Head of the Orde’s Volunteer and Healthcare Activities, and an honorary member of the Orde’s Kapittel (Leadership Council) since 2005. Outside the Johanniter Orde, Juriy is an Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Emeritus Professor of Clinical Genetics at Erasmus University, Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

Carel van Randwyck is a Ridder (Knight) of the Johanniter Orde in The Netherlands since 1986. He has also undertaken a number of roles on behalf of St. John Ambulance in England and was a member of the St. John London County Priory Group for seven years, retiring in June 2019. After over 35 years in the financial services industry, including investment banking and management consulting, Carel is currently the CFO/COO of a start-up Private Equity firm.


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