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The Salt Course – Spring '20

Religion & Spirituality

The Salt Course is for curious Londoners who want to explore life’s big questions. It’s a non-judgemental context to explore your doubts and spiritual questions in a community of like-minded people.

We tackle 6 big questions over 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings. Each week we have dinner together, hear a short talk on the question and have plenty of time for discussion in groups. The course is designed for skeptics, agnostics and those who want to explore the Christian faith. All beliefs and backgrounds welcome!

What are the questions you’re asking?

We spend the first three weeks dealing with the biggest objections that Londoners might have towards the Christian faith. 

  • Religion: Aren’t we better off without it?

  • Proof: Isn’t faith irrational?

  • Morality: Why do we even need God?

And then we’ll spend three weeks looking at the intrinsic desires that we all have. 

  • Satisfaction: How can I be happy?

  • Love: Where can I find it?

  • Hope: Is there a future for humanity?

What to expect

We’ll have some good (free) food together, a short talk unpacking the question for us, then we’ll have a discussion around tables in groups. The idea is to create space for you to explore your doubts and questions. 

You can find out what previous participants thought about the course here

Who’s it for?

Anyone really. You may be a secular Londoner who is vaguely interested in spiritual questions and is looking to explore these further. Or you may be a Christian who is grappling with what you believe and looking for a space to explore your doubts. We’ve had Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, former Christians and everyone in-between do the course. All beliefs and backgrounds welcome!

Do I need to attend all six evenings? 

You'll get the most out of the course if you join us for all the sessions, but if you want to drop in for a session or two, that's fine too. There's no need to RSVP for each individual evening. Just sign-up for the first evening you'll be joining us (e.g. week 1). 

To find out more about Salt go to We're a project run by Grace London, a young church in central London ( 


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