Wednesday 7 December 18:00 - 21:00

Christopher Ingold Building
20 Gordon Street

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The Sir David Wilson Lecture in Medieval Studies


The Sir David Wilson Lecture in Medieval Studies delivered by Professor Judith Jesch (University of Nottingham): Digging the Orkney Story

Event will be held in Lecture Theatre XLG1 in the UCL Christopher Ingold Building.

The lecture will present what a range of Old Norse-Icelandic sagas and other texts have to say about Orkney and Shetland in the Viking Age. In it I will attempt to sift these various textual perspectives and establish how they tell the story of the arrival of Scandinavians in the Northern Isles. The significance of the chronological gap between events and texts will be explored using a method I like to call the โ€˜stratigraphy of textsโ€™ that may explain the potential relationships between sagas and their historical settings, and thereby provide some insights into the source-value of sagas. The lecture will also consider some archaeological evidence in an attempt to explore how this can be brought into dialogue with the relevant texts.

The event will be followed by a launch party for the seminar series in the IoA Leventis Gallery.

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