Thursday 25 April 18:00 - 19:00

Barbican Library
Barbican Centre Level 2
Silk Street

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Theatrical Monologues and 3 Book Launches


Join us for theatrical premiers of Don’t Mind Me and King Larry, and 3 Book launches with complimentary wine and cheese.

A dazzling night of literary and theatrical premiers.

Don’t Mind Me, by Tara Basi, is a queasy comical exploration of mental trauma, to be performed by Frankie Kolar, fresh from her matinee performance at the Old Bailey. No, she wasn't in the dock, as a Barrister she was the one asking the questions. You are tonight's jury, what's your verdict on her performance?

King Larry – by Tara Basi, a modern take on King Lear with fewer horrible deaths and more laughs. To be performed by actor/writer Errol McGlashan, fresh from smash hit performances of his one-man show - Something to Take the Edge Off – at the Camden Fringe, and at the Royal Shakespeare Company's 37 Plays, and soon to be touring the UK.

Three diverse Novel Launches and readings from UK and US writers.

The Insurgent Press celebrate the publication of two new books.

Rene S Perez II's UK debut Scavenging is a book of award-winning shorts from South Texas and new material charting Rene's life since moving to London.

Cheryl Baden-Powell's debut novel Do they have to be lions? charts a journey from an abusive relationship to taming Tigers in the Arizona desert.

In addition, we’re celebrating the publication of Tara Basi’s Unipolar.

In the crumbling near-future third-world country of Kent, recently freed from London’s yoke, Donald, a young management consultant, largely without realising it sets about saving Kent while navigating rampant political corruption, a ruthless cartel, and the ambiguous inward investment plans of the African Union superpower.

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