Monday 27 January 18:00 - 21:00

Wardour Street

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ThoughtWorks: Technology Radar Vol. 21

Science & Technology

Tech Radar is your free (opinionated) guide to the latest techniques, tools, platforms, languages and frameworks. We build it, research it, test it, open source it, write about it, and constantly aim to improve it—for everyone. The ThoughtWorks Doppler Group is a diverse mix of senior technology leaders who come together to create the Radar. 

Join us on the 27th of January  - for a presentation and discussion on our latest Tech Radar. 

Please save the date in your calendar and be sure to attend our Tech Radar presentation to learn more about the blips, quadrants and rings. 


For a pre-session read, please visit ThoughtWorks Tech Radar here and prepare your questions in advance.




Vanessa Formicola,  Lead Software Engineering Consultant: Software engineer, yogi, ThoughtWorker, agile lover and practitioner.

James Lewis, Principal Consultant: James has been with ThoughtWorks for nearly a decade. Interests include building distributed systems using web technologies, SOA and Welsh Rugby.



6pm: Doors open | Grab a drink, a bite to eat and meet like minded folk

6.30pm: Presentation begins | The Radar talk from Vanessa and James will kick off

7.30pm: Q&A


Please note, if there is anything else you require to be able to attend and fully participate in this event, such as dietary needs, subtitles or anything else relating to accessibility, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate - [email protected]


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