Thursday 21 July 18:00 - 20:00

43 Gordon Square
43 Gordon Square

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Truth in a Time of War

Charity & Causes

Urgent public meeting to address assaults on press and academic freedom with speakers including Jeremy Corbyn and Stella Assange.

We find ourselves in a prescient moment in which both press and academic freedom are under unprecedented assault. Antiwar journalists and dissenting academics are facing McCarthyite smears, deplatforming and legislative attacks. Independent news outlets are being β€˜cancelled’ and having their funding life lines cut. And after years of torture in the UK prison system, Julian Assange now faces a life sentence in the US for revealing war crimes.

This urgent public meeting brings together journalists, scholars and activists to discuss what’s next in the campaign to free Julian; what recent legislation in the UK means for the right to protest; and how attacks on academics in the shadow of the Ukraine war threaten the basic tenets of free speech. Confirmed speakers include Stella Assange, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Dr Justin Schlosberg (Reader in Journalism and Media at Birkbeck).

The event will take place on Thursday 21st July 6-8pm at 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD, and live streamed across all major platforms. Prior registration is essential for both in person attendance or participation in the virtual Q&A.

The event is hosted in partnership with Truth Defence, an initiative founded by Dr Schlosberg and Andrew Feinstein. Truth Defence exists to confront the growing attacks on dissenting journalists, activists, scholars, whistleblowers and truth tellers of all kinds. Join us for this important event and in our burgeoning campaign to support all those who face retaliation for speaking truth to power.


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