Thursday 2 February 18:00 - 23:00

Morrell House
98 Curtain Road

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TWO BY TWO Private View

Performing & Visual Arts

Launch event for Two by Two. A 23-artist art exhibition exploring and celebrating the wild and domesticated mysteries of the animal kingdom.


Andrea Gomis | Becky Tucker | Benji Thomas | Billy Bagihole | Darcey Murphy | David Harrison | Henrietta MacPhee | Giles Walker | Harry Rudham | Hira Gedikoglu | Irena Posner | James Dearlove | James Mortimer | Jiwon Cha | Julia De Ruvo | Karina Eibatova | Layla Andrews | Marina Renee Cemmick | Niall Campbell Strachan | Rene Gonzalez | Salvatore Pione | Selby HI | Valerie Savchits


BWG Gallery presents Two by Two. An exhibition celebrating the wild and domesticated mysteries of the animal kingdom, and of mankind’s sometimes healthy, sometimes unhealthy, obsession with other species. From wild beasts to domestic pets, animals have traditionally sustained our nutritional, emotional, religious, artistic and scientific needs and desires. Our relationships with the animal aspect of Nature has allowed the human aspect of Nature to reach ambitious cultural heights throughout history, for better and worse. All the while animals have lived out their evolutionary journeys without any need for humanity.

This exhibition, presented throughout three spaces, is an installation that celebrates the reintroduction of the animal into our daily lives, by allowing the viewer to undergo a circular rite of passage from the domesticated culturality to the wild naturality of animals and back again.

A portion of the Artwork sales in Two by Two will be donated to domestic and wildlife animal welfare and conservation charities Celia Hammond Animal Trust and RSPB.

Curated by Jack Trodd


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