Saturday 18 January 12:00 - 18:30

Cris Contini Contemporary
15-16 Brook's Mews


Water Natures

Performing & Visual Arts

Claudio Koporossy presents himself to the London’s art scene with a new double exhibition 'Water Natures'

Claudio Koporossy presents himself to the London’s art scene with a new double exhibition Water Natures at Cris Contini Contemporary and the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. The exhibition, in collaboration with Il Cigno GG Edizioni, Rome, will explore the artistic and photographic journey of Koporossy.

The artist, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, devotes himself to nature as his first passion and a fundamental element that marked both his life and his path as a photographer. We can describe Claudio Koporossy’s photography as the expression of his sensitivity in a single detail, an immersion in the most intimate essence of everything: a pile of leaves in autumn, the water that penetrates the earth, the colors of the mountains¬¬, fruits and flowers from exotic places or more familiar glimpses of life in Venice. The search for detail as that particular hidden at a first glance has always been the artist's point of view on the outside world. Claudio Koporossy immortalizes the essence of everything, allowing the gaze to go beyond the image: we are able to perceive its consistency and savoring its fragrance, this is “Live Nature" in one click. “I delve into nature’s most intimate textures: a fruit’s skin, autumn on a leaf, water seeping in the ground, the colours of vegetation. thus I try to find nature’s inner essence, and peer into what my eyes just see: I feel firmness under my fingers, I perceive a thousand scents, I detect as many flavours. Live nature: this is my project, my gaze through the lens. Enjoy your journey.” Claudio Koporossy

For further inquiries please contact the gallery at [email protected] or at +44 2039 729001. All images are subject to copyright.

Exhibition: Water Natures

Artist: Claudio Koporossy

Dates: 9th of January - 1st of February 2020


Cris Contini Contemporary

15-16 Brook’s Mews, W1K 4DS, London

Vernissage: 9th of January from 6 to 8PM

Estorik Collection Cafè

39a Canonbury Square, N1 2AN, London

Vernissage: 9th of January from 12:30 to 14:30PM


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