Wednesday 23 June 18:00 - 21:00

Paddington Works
8 Hermitage St
W2 1AR

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Who Cares About the In-Between?


Who Cares About the In-Between?

Who cares about the in-between? Spaces between buildings, gaps in society, the sui-generis, the out of hours. The in-between is often a place without edges, where boundaries are blurred and where crossovers can happen. We believe in a holistic approach where focus on the in-between plays a significant role in making successful places and fostering caring communities. Spaces that make us feel healthy, be productive, collaborative and inspired.

Threefold are hosting an event at our new London HQ in Paddington Works, a modern, flexible workspace designed by the studio. We will be joined by a panel of guest speakers including Nick Searl from Argent, Jacob Willson from BeFirst, Sophie Thompson from LDA Design, Tina John from Pocket Living and Shawn Adams from POoR Collective. Together we will question the role that the in-between can play in creating high quality public realm, enabling community and encouraging diverse developments.

Please join us on Wednesday 23rd June at Paddington Works, 8 Hermitage Street, London, W2 1BE at 6pm. Refreshments will be provided.


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