Wednesday 9 October 17:00 - 21:00

Nadia Arnold Ltd.
7 Club Row
E1 6JX


ADAM RICHES - Untitled

Performing & Visual Arts



Public openingh hours 7th October – 13th October

Private view Wednesday 9th October 5pm-9pm (ticket holders only)

NA Ltd. are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated first solo-show of Adam Riches in London displaying his characteristically stylised portraits and figurative works in pen on paper and oil on canvas.

Adam Riches' work is a sensitive response to the human condition. Riches’ searing exploration of the human psyche delves into the effect of current social and political issues upon the individual, and the way in which people behave towards one another.

He is interested in people’s frailties and their fallibility – in particular, their potential for extreme behaviours. For the most part, people give the outward appearance of order and civility but underneath that exterior, there’s usually something far more interesting happening.

Join us October 9th for the private view of Adam Riches' solo exhibition where you will have the opportunity to meet and exchange a few words with the artist.

Adam Riches artist


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