Thursday 10 October 18:00 - 21:00

Well Space
241, Well Street


Exhibition Private View: States of Existence

Performing & Visual Arts

Private View of the ‘States of Existence’ Exhibition to concide with the World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2019.
Curated by Tuğba Tirpan and Sophie Akehurst, this exhibition showcases transitory works from humans who express themselves through art to convey life’s difficulties.

This could be; physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, racial or financial adversity. We are focusing on the diverse and individual experiences of mental health through artistic expression. Breaking the stigma is challenging in this binary narrative of normal/abnormal, healthy/unhealthy, well/unwell and what that means to the individual.
This exhibition also explores the historical abusive assertion of power and control through psychiatry. 'State' control of mental illness.

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Private View: October 10th 6-9pm


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