Friday 30 August 19:00 - 22:30

2 Goswell Road

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Speed Networking + Happy Hour Cocktails for Indie Cast & Crew

Film, Media & Entertainment

Networking event in London for anyone in indie films (filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors... ) done with fun activities and happy hour drinks!

Welcome to Cinebooth's 2nd Event.

This is our Speed Networking Event for anyone involved in the making of film. By joining this event you can meet like minded people to collaborate on your next projects and learn and share knowledge amongst yourselves to help achieve your goals in film.

Why us ? What makes us different?

We have an entire speak easy cocktail bar hired just for the event the entire night ! This means 2 things:

  • Happy hour cocktail (7pm - 9pm)
  • Our own music playlist to lighten the mood

The event will be hosted by a minimum of three people at the venue. Look for Harry, Bruno and Dennis. These three have a fantastic memory for names and faces and will guide you from the front door to the room and give you the warm welcome you deserve.

So you're probably wondering what exactly the event will look like. Here's our program:

The Evening Program

  1. The usual reception with a twist: Arrive, meet and greet!
  2. The standard procedure: Cinebooth Group Photo - let's keep those memories alive!
  3. Mic mini-session: Who are we and who are you? Shoutouts, intros, briefings and a small bunch of questions.
  4. Speed Networking: The concept goes active... Now you show your talents!
  5. Up until this late? Let's keep the fun going with Cinebooth's music playlist and lots of cocktails!

How To Find Us

2 Goswell Rd, Golden Lane Estate, London EC1M 7AA Β· London

We will be standing at the doors to help you find your way in.

If you get lost please call 07456211119

For more information about Cinebooth head over to

Or follow us on facebook at and instagram

Food Menu

Ever been to an event that you enjoy but you have to leave because you haven't had your dinner. Don't worry we got you cover with a huge list of meals to choose from!

Who's going to be hosting ?!

We understand that scary feeling of walking into a big room not knowing who to approach first or even if you're at the right event. Luckily we have 3 great hosts

Harry, Dennis and Bruno.

Each of them will be wearing our brand T-shirt so they'll be easy to recognise and they are very friendly and approachable, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have.


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