Sunday 6 October 19:30 - 22:30

8 Mackintosh Lane
E9 6AB

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Visions Beyond Limit Exhibition

Performing & Visual Arts

Visions Beyond Limit aims to exchange visions of art between the artists and the spectator

Visions Beyond Limit (6th

October -31st December 2019)

About the exhibition

Artist DW Sirrealist and other artists are collaborating to present

their creative experience and artistic styles. DW Sirrealist works

will be the main exhibits on display. Although artists have their

interpretation of their work,the viewer is invited to engage the

paintings through a prism of the personal experience. TheΒ  idea is to

create a shared imaginative vision of works between the artists and

the viewer. During the exhibition art pieces will change a number of


About the main artist

DW Sirrealist is a 21st century artistic magician whose series of

works show is viewable through his acrylic paintings.Β  Within his body

of work is buried an invitation for each viewer to findΒ  or explore

something new and artistically challenging.

The works encourages the viewer to free the mind of conventional

limitations and engage the visual senses that stimulates,promotes deep

understanding and reflection. The aim of the paintings is to challenge

the viewer to engage with the creative process, whilst at the same

time appreciating the splendid of the savage and vision which

underpins the works. Simultaneously,the experience will revibrate

within the mind, body and soul of the spectator. Then the conscience

will be awoken by the interpretation of what is visually and mentally


MORE INFO:Β  Visions Beyond Limit officialΒ  launch event.

When: 6th October 2019 @ 7:30pm

Where: Hatch,8 Mackintosh Lane, Homerton,London E9 6AB

For press, promotion or event enquiries please contact:Β  James Bee

[email protected]

Unfinished works of DW Surrealist can also view through private

arrangement. For future and private viewing of DW Surrealist works,

please contact :Β  Β James Bee [email protected]

James Bee,Β  Exhibition Coordinator


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